G2 (\jē-ˈtü-\) n. proprietary intelligence

G2 Investment Group was founded by a group of private investors who saw a unique moment to capitalize from the complete and global reset of asset valuations resulting from the 2008 financial crisis. As a company, we operate upon the premise that there is an unprecedented opportunity for asymmetric returns - or convexity - by investing in assets of basic human need, including energy, food, water, shelter, and communication. This produces a historic moment for smart, active and liquid investors.

We believe that fundamental outperformance can only occur in one of three ways:
1) Hyper growth industries - innovation
2) Mispriced assets
3) Creating better financial architecture “Structural Alpha”

The end result is that G2 is a collection of operators who invest across a diverse set of assets of need. We receive equity in each company that we invest in or create, which enables us to offer co-investments to our shareholding partners.

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