Unlike items of daily consumption, a property is an asset that maintains its use and market value for many years. Being so valued, it involves good financial planning for buyers to handle the investment without any unforeseen incomes in their pockets. For those who face this process for the first time, some basic precautions are necessary so that the acquisition does not become a reason for bad memories.

Check now 6 valuable tips for you who want to buy the first property without difficulties!

Know where you want to live

Investing in real estate is not a task to do every day, so it is essential that you are sure of where you intend to live. It is important that you talk to the family group to learn about everyone’s wishes and expectations with the new place of residence. The greater the certainty about the location of the property, the lower the chances of regretting it in the future.

Set the type of property

Do you need a big house to receive family and friends or do you prefer the security and convenience of an apartment? These questions are important when buying the first property, after all, they will provide a good basis for market research. With the typology of the project well defined, it will be easier to filter the options available in real estate in different regions. If necessary, talk to a professional in the field to help you find the ideal home.

Search the credibility of the seller

Regardless of whether the purchase is made through real estate or directly from the owner, you must be concerned with the seller’s credibility. Unfortunately, some professionals only care about the purpose of the sale and do everything to attract the buyer to a business that is not always reliable. To avoid headaches, the tip is to consult a lawyer to assess whether the offer is worthwhile and is free from problems with the law.

Assess the best financing

Researching different financing conditions is a way to ensure a safe and quiet business, especially for those who are not yet used to the market and want to buy the first property. Whether it’s your choice through banks or companies specializing in financing, take the time to use the resources to your advantage and don’t be afraid to test possibilities. Make simulations, talk to those responsible for the investment and clear all your doubts before closing a deal.

Consider the use of FGTS

If you have resources from the Length of Service Guarantee Fund, please be aware that you can use them to pay for the new home or apartment. This tip is especially valuable for those who are going to buy the first property since to take advantage of it you cannot own another residential property in the city where you live or work. Another requirement for using the resource is to have a minimum of 3 years of contribution, so it is worth checking these conditions before entering into a loan.

Consider extra costs

In addition to the financing installments, keep in mind that possible costs that were not in the plans will arise over time. Fees related to the generation of documents from the purchase process, registration with the notary and bank charges must be considered before even buying the first property. Still, the possible need for a renovation – whether to improve the space used or to customize new environments – can bring great costs to the owners. In this sense, it is worth doing a survey of possible future expenditures to plan ahead and not be caught off guard.

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