What will be the secret to becoming a successful realtor? You can be sure that you will not get this answer by asking your fellow professionals, after all, a good magician does not reveal his trick. Luckily for our readers, we are experts in this type of magic and, today, we are going to demystify the tricks performed by outstanding professionals.

The following is a list of 7 tools for real estate agents that you need to use right now. Follow us!

1. Magic Plan

Speaking of magic, our first tool has a name that comes in handy. The Magic Plan is a virtual measuring tape that helps the manager a lot when selling the apartment.

With it, it is possible to help the buyer to better evaluate the space of the property and, thus, find out if his furniture fits in the spaces of the apartment, for example. This is undoubtedly one of the best tools for real estate agents.

2. Evernote

The realtor’s routine is also not easy, so it is very important to always stay organized. The luck is that today there is no shortage of applications and software for task management.

One of the most famous is Evernote, a virtual agenda that has a number of interesting applications and can certainly help the realtor to organize his routine a little better.

3. Dropbox

The realtor needs to deal with a series of documents, in addition to other types of files, such as photos of the real estate and floor plans. Often, it would be quite convenient if he could access this content from anywhere, such as on a smartphone or on the computer used by the customer.

Therefore, our next recommendation is Dropbox, an application that allows all of this information to be stored in the cloud.

4. Waze

Another common situation in the realtor’s routine is having to visit new properties in locations where he has never worked. Duty calls, and we can’t deny work simply because we don’t know an address, can we?

Calm down, all is not lost – and you can certainly find yourself. The Waze is a tool that helps the driver to find in the city, tracing any kind of path. The application can also identify areas where there is traffic or areas at risk.

5. Wix

The business card is still quite useful. No, we are not talking about the old paper that is folded in your wallet. We are talking about your website. Today, this is the real gateway for new customers, so it’s very good that you assemble yours.

Our next tool is Wix, a platform where you can create any website with extreme ease, just drag and drop what you need.

6. Colorsmart

Often the strategy to sell a property is to convey, to the customer, the feeling that the house is already his. Therefore, tools for real estate agents such as Magic Plan, for example, are useful. In addition to it, we also have Colorsmart.

With this application, it is possible to simulate the colors of the walls of the property, thus, the customer already has a taste of how the home of their dreams would look.

7. Instasize

Finally, another very common activity in the life of the realtor is his career as a photographer. He needs to illustrate well in the ads how the property is to stimulate the visit of potential buyers.

Therefore, our last tool will be Instasize, ideal for touching up any type of photo with extreme ease.

Magic trick revealed! How about checking out more secrets, like our post on planning email marketing in the real estate sector?