One of the most common questions from those who intend to invest in the real estate sector is the decision about which type of property is best to live in. Apartments or houses certainly have their problems and benefits, but each one pleases a specific resident profile.

If you are also in doubt, read the following content carefully. In this article, we will explain about the biggest advantages and disadvantages of the two alternatives.

Advantages of the apartment

More security

Certainly, one of the great advantages of living in an apartment is that this type of property has all the security structure of the building or condominium. This means that residents will not be harassed by salespeople, nor will strangers be able to move freely inside.

There is, in general, entry and exit control at the entrance halls, monitoring cameras and trained employees to avoid any situation of danger or risk to the inhabitants.

Greater practicality

Many people resolve their doubts about an apartment or a house when they think of practicality. Being in a building is certainly a lot easier, especially for young professionals who are looking for their first property.

The buildings have exclusive professionals to take care of common areas and even to solve any electrical or hydraulic problems. In addition, the size of the units is usually smaller, which makes it easier to clean and maintain.

Disadvantages of the apartment

Too many rules

The excess of rules is a big disadvantage for those who live in an apartment. Every building or condominium has a statute, with rules and regulations that must be followed by all residents. For those who like freedom and don’t adapt to certain types of conventions, this can be a problem.

Noise pollution

It is undeniable that buildings produce much more noise than houses. Especially due to the presence of children and the existence of playgrounds, the noise can be very irritating. Depending on the type of construction, even clicks on high heels from the top floor can be quite uncomfortable.

Advantages of the house

Personal freedom

One of the advantages of buying a home is great personal freedom. You can do whatever you want, after all, there is no need to give satisfaction to anyone. It is possible to invest in renovations, structural changes or even to build an extra room.

In addition, this type of housing allows more space to grow plants or have pets, if this is important to you.


The absence of such close neighbors makes you have a lot more peace of mind living in a house than in an apartment. The feeling of privacy is much greater and you can enjoy your yard, turn on the loud music or receive friends and relatives without worrying about creating confusion with other residents.

Disadvantages of the house

High costs

One of the disadvantages of a home is that it is a property with higher costs. This occurs from the moment of purchase, but maintenance is also not usually cheap. In buildings, there is an apportionment between all units for the conservation of common areas. In the house, if something goes wrong, the damage is only the owner.

High risks

The house also presents a higher risk of robberies or thefts. Especially for those who like to travel or spend the weekend outside, miscreants can easily observe this routine and schedule a crime.

Another point is that, if you want to install electronic gates or surveillance cameras, the cost of installation and maintenance will be yours alone.

And now, have you decided between an apartment or a house? Ready to buy yours? So, also check out this article on what it takes to finance a property!