To be successful in sales and win more and more business, the real estate agent must pay attention to several factors and work with dedication. Using the internet is a good way to advertise your work and for this to be effective, advertise properties in different ways and on different channels.

Technological development and especially the internet brought several new features and improvements to the real estate market, leveraging and bringing new features to the ads. The more traditional ways of advertising a property are no longer sufficient to attract customers and the broker must adapt to the new consumer and how he searches for properties.

A very important point in this trajectory and that still brings many discussions and skepticism to the professionals is the inclusion of the complete address of the enterprise in the online advertisement. Despite the fears that brokers tend to have, this data is essential for the success of transactions in the virtual world. Check out four reasons to include the address when advertising property on the internet and on real estate portals.

Advertise with a customer focus

One of the main points that should always be taken into account by the realtor is that he is a service provider and must serve the client with excellence, thinking about his strategies with a focus on the desires of those looking for a new home.

Knowing the home address in advance is one of the consumer’s wishes, who can consider whether the property is ideal already based on its location. With the address, he can trace routes for daily activities and analyze the surroundings of the enterprise, already discovering whether that home will be suitable or not.

More ad visits

Data from VivaReal, a portal that connects real estate agents, brokers and developers to consumers, point out that the ads that present the full address receive 83% more leads than those that hide the information.

With more visits to the ad, the chances of someone taking an interest in the home and contacting the broker increases. In addition, the number of views also influences the prominence that the ad naturally achieves in portals and search engines like Google.

Qualified leads in the ad

One of the complaints of brokers when advertising online is that most consumers are not ready or do not want to purchase a property. This is detrimental to the professional, who ends up attending and spending time in a negotiation that will not be concluded.

With the address, usually, whoever contacts you has already analyzed several aspects of the property and really wants more information or even to schedule a visit. Quantity does not mean quality when it comes to consumers who want a durable product and serving fewer customers can mean more accurate sales, since the professional is able to provide a better service to interested parties.

Geolocation is already a reality in the real estate industry

There are several ways to search for properties on real estate platforms and search engines. In addition to filters and specific words that already classify properties, there are maps and other geolocation features that help consumers find the ideal property.

Many people start looking for a home-based on personal preferences and neighborhoods. However, the search for specific streets or addresses close to certain points of interest grows every day and, without the address in the ad, it is not possible to make this relationship and the disclosure is hampered by those who include the address.
To be even more successful in your strategy, how about advertising on a real estate portal? Invest time in the creation of the ad, description, inclusion of images and the complete address and boost your sales. Did you have any questions? Leave a comment for us.