There are some digital real estate marketing mistakes that, if you’re unaware or unaware, you’re bound to make. In an area as new as the internet, the more we understand a given subject before putting something into practice, the better.

However, this often makes a process take even longer than expected. Which is absolutely normal. After all, nothing is built overnight, isn’t it?

However, there is a way to be able to “shorten” this conventional path, which is precisely through knowledge. In other words, the simple fact that you understand certain processes and avoid what is not interesting makes your strategy much more successful.

A practical example of this book.

Reading is one of the most amazing ways to traverse a person’s mind through a trail of knowledge and content. Reading a book, you don’t become the best professional in your field.

However, it has some interesting competitive advantages, such as understanding what to avoid – and not making mistakes that can delay a journey even further.

And in digital marketing, this is no different. It is unnecessary to reinvent the wheel. However, we cannot forget our essence and the concepts that govern our real estate.

These singularities, combined with what works, are the best way for you to direct your company.

And to help you, in today’s text Lahore Smart City will address some basic errors (and with very negative effects) within a real estate marketing strategy. Come on?

Digital Real Estate Marketing Mistakes – 6 Common Mistakes You Need to Avoid in Your Strategy

Making mistakes is part of it. It’s human and it’s from the corporate environment. And why would digital marketing be any different? It is not. Making mistakes in digital marketing is very common, since this is an expanding area and, just a few years ago, we were able to understand the breadth of the internet’s reach.

Several precepts of offline life can and should be embedded in digital marketing. And maybe this is one of the first mistakes you might be making: understanding the digital environment as something totally different and disconnected from people’s offline lives. It is not.

The digital environment is an extension of people’s lives. You need to work on your actions here, together with what happens out there.

After all, the internet is made up of people and information generated by people. And once you master this foundation, a sea of ​​possibilities opens up so that your digital real estate marketing strategies can then make some sense.

Think that around here, you need to talk to people. Therefore, the way you communicate or even the way you interact with someone will not change from what it would be in the external environment. Or at least it shouldn’t.

Now what will change are the tools and the means by which what you want to convey can actually be conveyed.

The big difference between digital to offline is the environment. But human needs, anxieties, anxieties and demands remain the same. Online or offline.

And to help you synthesize this in a more practical way, we’ve separated 6 digital real estate marketing mistakes that you won’t need to make. After all, someone has already made them and, fortunately, can guide people along other paths that do not lead to these same mistakes.

See below:

  • Not producing relevant and valuable content for the real estate lead;
  • Buy lists of leads (prospects) in order to increase your revenue;
  • Do not focus on SEO for traffic generation and organic positioning in search engines;
  • Not understanding where your clients and real estate leads are coming from;
  • Leave your social networks abandoned or with irrelevant content;
  • Do not build long-term relationships through content-generating authority;

Shall we dig a little deeper? Read on to understand each topic above in more detail.

Not producing relevant and valuable content for the real estate lead

One of the biggest mistakes in digital real estate marketing is the content factor. As we previously understood, the internet is made, above all, of content.

This article you are reading here on Ville Imo’s blog, for example, is content. You found it for several reasons, the main one being your need or desire to avoid some basic mistakes in your marketing strategies.

So here we can already understand the first important lesson of how essential producing relevant content is: content connects and helps.

And in a competitive world where selling products has become increasingly challenging, differentiating yourself on the more human side of a business relationship is, without a doubt, a very interesting alternative for your real estate marketing.

So don’t put off the content you can produce today for another day. One of the most important and solid pillars of good positioning in digital real estate is content. Your brand grows. Its popularity grows and, of course, its revenue grows.

After all, when you help someone (read “someone” as your real estate lead) through relevant and valuable content, the chances of that person buying a product from your real estate are much greater.

But why does this happen?

For a simple reason: when someone is helped in any way, there is a feeling of gratitude and debt. Even if unconsciously. And this feeling will arise, in some way, over the months or years, and can be converted into a sale of a product or a contracting of a service.

So don’t hesitate to produce valuable content!

Buy lists of leads (prospects) in order to increase your revenue

The second most common mistake for those starting their journey in the field of digital marketing for real estate agents is the desire for rapid growth.

In a world that exposes numbers like we’ve never seen before (followers, likes, views), everything seems to have to happen overnight. Having few followers or few emails on your prospect list is not a problem, let alone a mistake.

After all, as we mentioned earlier, things happen little by little and over time.

However, what becomes a mistake along the way is buying a list of leads or even buying followers on social networks, whatever they may be.

This might even sound interesting at first. After all, for those with few leads, having a bunch of them quickly sounds interesting. But actually, it’s a big mistake.

Why is it a big mistake to buy email lists, prospects or followers?

For one simple reason: people won’t be listening to your real estate agency. Nobody will want to know if you have the “best apartment in downtown SP”, for example. Because people fell in front of you by parachute. And this, for digital real estate marketing, is a serious mistake.

To carry out a competitive marketing action, you need to spontaneously gain your leads. In other words, you can’t force or force someone to watch a commercial, as it happens to this day on television, for example.

Around here, you need to generate relationships. At most, pique curiosity with creative ads. But for the long term, it’s the relationship that will speak louder and, of course, will generate sales.

So, get followers and leads. Don’t buy them as you could waste time.

Not focusing on SEO for traffic generation and organic positioning in search engines

SEO is one of the key pieces for a good digital marketing strategy. And the lack of an SEO strategy, therefore, is one of the most common digital real estate marketing mistakes.

But what does SEO actually mean? In free and literal translation, it is the optimization of your content (see the previous topic) for search engines such as Google.

In other words, it is not enough for you to generate any type of content and place it randomly on the internet. Content needs to be thought out broadly, always maintaining a good relationship between user experience and a great SEO reputation.

Unoptimized content will be ignored by search engines. And every time someone searches for a subject related to your real estate, the content will not appear. Whether on Google or YouTube, for videos.

So, invest in SEO as a way to gain organic traffic for the long term. The more you can build roots on Google, the better for your real estate brand’s reputation.

It is clear that nowadays sponsored links are gaining more and more space in a digital strategy. However, they cannot replace organic, SEO-oriented content, as for every click, you will have to pay.

Now, if your content is ranked in the top positions on Google organically, the clicks will be free and, often, the user will have an even greater interest in your company.

Therefore, dedicate your resources to structure a good SEO strategy and, with that, have success in the medium and long term with your real estate website, blog or YouTube channel.

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Not understanding where your clients and real estate leads are coming from

Another very common mistake in digital marketing for real estate companies is not understanding where their customers or leads are coming from.

On the surface, this might not seem like a problem. After all, you may think that the important thing is to sell. In the very short term, yes. But in the long run, no.

Understanding which are the gateways for your prospects to reach your real estate, allows a series of attitudes and actions to improve and optimize results.

After all, imagine that you are attracting a lot of hits for content that talks about “properties in SP”. Now, imagine that the main keyword that is ranking this content is the following: “luxury apartment in SP”.

In this case, you could optimize the existing content and leverage it with the keyword that is generating the most hits. Or, you could create a whole new content from scratch, with total focus on this keyword that is attracting hits in content that doesn’t address the theme of the searched keyword.

This is an example of how important it is to understand where your customers and leads are coming from. With simple actions and few moves, results can double or even triple in a matter of months. Just have everything mapped out.

Leave your social networks abandoned or with irrelevant content

Digital marketing is broad.

It is not a question of performing just one or another action. Rather, it is a series of different actions, on different platforms and always with a long-term focus.

So, when you work on your real estate blog, don’t forget about social media. Or if you’re going to work on social media, don’t forget about the real estate blog. It is necessary to work things out little by little, but without forgetting one or the other.

It is a mistake to post, for example, 30 posts on Facebook at once, and only come back after 6 months to post another 40 posts.

You will have no relevance on the social network and will hardly be able to consolidate your real estate brand. Which can be a very big mistake from a marketing point of view.

Don’t build long-term relationships through content – Authority generation

And finally, one more digital real estate marketing mistake that you should avoid is forgetting about the relationship. Building relationships and creating closeness with your customer or potential customer is one of the most amazing ways to generate revenue.

With lots of relevant cross-platform content, the results will show up. After all, you will gradually become an authority on the subject. And this is great for gaining new customers.

The final bonus: Getting it wrong isn’t the problem, but try to get it wrong as soon as possible. And all those mistakes you can avoid, avoid. You will save time and resources. So, count on Ville Imob to help your real estate grow and good sales!