Organization and practicality are basic requirements for every self-respecting broker. These characteristics are fundamental for the client to feel secure when closing the deal. After all, no one will trust a broker who forgets the catalog at home or who doesn’t know the address of the property, right? That is why it is so important to talk about organizing tools for brokers.

With some simple and easy-to-use technologies, you optimize your work routine and keep everything close at hand to present to your customers. Want to know how? So stay tuned in this post with the 5 best tools for brokers and surprise your client!

1. Dropbox

The Dropbox is a world renowned device by its practical and cloud storage, protecting you from that terrible feeling of losing important files. With it, it is possible to digitally store every type of file you can imagine: images, graphs, tables, budgets, plans of architectural projects, catalogs of available properties, among others.

The data can be accessed from anywhere that allows internet connection. So, it will be a piece of cake to answer customer questions whenever those classic questions arise such as “can I see a bigger property?” or “what is the average price in that region?”

2. Evernote

The Evernote is another very useful tool to manage the hectic routine Realtor, also with cloud storage. With it, it is possible to record information in audio, video or image, which can be accessed directly from your smartphone or from the office computer.

All annotations can be cataloged by folders, making everything even more organized. Try using Evernote to register your customers’ mailing or even that set of news about the real estate market, which are always good arguments against the client’s indecisiveness.

3. Magic Plan

“Will my dining table fit this room? And the closet in the children’s room? ” Get immediate answers to these questions with a simple yet very efficient application: the Magic Plan.

This tool is nothing more than a virtual measuring tape, making it possible to design and measure environments with great practicality and total precision. Is it or is it not pure technology?

4. Waze

Keeping the customer waiting or having trouble finding the address of the property are examples of situations that definitely put the broker’s credibility in check. In order not to take this risk, install the Waze app on your phone and know in advance everything that happens in traffic.

It is no wonder that Waze is one of the most popular applications worldwide. It works as a free GPS that gathers information provided by users in real time, making day-to-day traffic much more agile and secure.

With it, it is possible to get away from stretches with traffic jams, works, interdictions and so many other common occurrences in daily traffic. In addition, of course, to be able to choose the fastest route to reach the destination.

5. WhatsApp

Last but not least, we list the popular WhatsApp. This application is already unanimous when it comes to instant and efficient communication, allowing the sending of data in text, audio or image in real time.

Therefore, be sure to create a network of contacts with your customers through WhatsApp, as this speeds up contact with the public, in addition to allowing you to create groups of customers with mutual interests. What about?

Ready! Now that you know the 5 best organizational tools for your job, it became easy to be an attentive and up-to-date broker in the real estate market.