For some time now, the real estate market and consumer behavior have changed. Therefore, the real estate agent must adapt to new customs, embracing more opportunities and boosting their business with technological advances. An important way to take this step is to start advertising properties online.

The internet has great information power and is accessed daily by millions of people. Therefore, making an online presence is essential to expand your sales and reach an even greater number of people who may be interested in the business. When advertising real estate in the digital environment you guarantee a wider reach than in an advertisement in the newspaper or a sign in the residence itself, for example.

Traditional ways of advertising real estate are still important, but every day the internet takes up more space in the real estate industry. To ensure that customers will find the home of their dreams more easily, advertising on the internet is necessary.

6 benefits of advertising real estate online

In addition to reaching more people, there are other advantages that lead the broker to use the internet to advertise the properties in his portfolio. Check out six benefits of online advertising:

  • Low cost – despite having some expenses with people, creating content, photographs and online ads, advertising properties on the internet still has a much lower value than the more traditional forms of advertising.
  • Wide reach – it is estimated that 58% of the Brazilian population accesses the internet and this group should not be forgotten.
  • Qualified public – Anyone looking for property listings online is already interested in buying or renting. Therefore, the disclosures become effective, reaching exactly who wants a property like the one offered.
  • More complete ads – unlike the newspaper, where the ad was paid according to the number of words, on the internet this cost is fixed. Therefore, brokers are able to offer more complete information to consumers.
  • Inclusion of photographs – in online advertisements it is possible to include several photographs of the property, drawing even more attention from consumers.
  • Various means of dissemination – the internet offers several ways to disseminate real estate ads such as real estate portals, your own website and social networks.

Data on the real estate sector on the internet

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, several data compiled by VivaReal, a digital platform that connects real estate agents, brokers and construction companies with consumers, show that the behavior of the prospective client is increasingly focused on the digital world and not advertising properties online can be a big mistake.

According to the survey carried out in 2016, 90% of searches for a new property are originated on the internet, with 87% of consumers preferring contact with the broker through e-mail, not calls. In addition, searches made via smartphones grow exponentially, especially at night.

The internet also allows the consumer to obtain various information about the sector even before contacting a broker. Data on the region’s average price, inflation, supply and demand for properties are easily found and help both the consumer and the realtor.

In addition, 61% of people looking for a new home are buying a property for the first time and need information because they are inexperienced. Thus, in addition to advertising properties online, the broker can and should be a source of information, answering all customer questions, whether in the ad, on a blog or by email.
Advertising real estate online is simple and can transform the work of the broker, bringing more clients who are really interested in a new home the moment they search for such a property. Did you have any questions about the effectiveness of advertising online? Ask in the comments.