Have you ever heard of evergreen content for real estate? This is a very interesting and very important concept for you to put into practice in your digital real estate marketing strategy.

After all, it is from evergreen content that you will be able to make longer-term plans to gain authority and be a reference in a certain subject.

In general, evergreen content is one that has no expiration date. That is, there is no time limit for a person to consume it.

On the contrary: the content will have the same relevance, importance and authority at any time of the day, week, month or year.

However, some general doubts also end up arising in relation to the topic. And in this article, Lahore Smart City tries to solve them so that you can start structuring your content without expiration date within your digital real estate marketing strategy today.

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Evergreen content for real estate – What is it?

As we already understood in the introduction to this article, evergreen content for real estate is content that has no expiration date.

In other words, it has high durability and can be consumed and used at all times of the year, without any problem. For this reason, this is a type of content that should have a very large presence in any content marketing strategy.

After all, content marketing takes a while to bring results. And you need to be aware of this long-term in everything you put into practice.

Generally speaking, good evergreen content is what you can write today, but if someone reads it in five or ten years, it will still be useful.

A good example of evergreen content could be the following: “how to comb your hair without tying it”. As time passes, this type of content will still have some sort of relevance. After all, there may always be someone with doubts about how to perform this procedure.

However, there are some important rules for you to enjoy the full potential of evergreen content for real estate. After all, it’s not enough to just start producing content without any kind of parameters, is it?

Think about it: when we write content, we need to say what people are looking to hear. So, to produce the content on “how to comb your hair without tying it”, it is essential to understand the following:

  • Who will be the audience?
  • Who will be the persona?
  • How do talk to these people in the right way?
  • How to effectively connect with the audience?

And from these questions, a series of other possibilities open up. So, keep reading to understand how to create good content without an expiration date for your real estate agency and see the importance they have within your strategy.

The importance of evergreen content in a winning digital real estate marketing strategy

So far, you can already see that evergreen content for real estate is nothing more than content with no expiration date. In other words, it is content that can be consumed at any time by a prospect of your company.

Overall, this sounds very interesting. After all, producing content that lasts “forever” is something to consider. Giving the wheel the momentum to keep turning for a long time is what we all want.

And this is not only beneficial, but it is also possible.

Nowadays with the use of the internet more and more on the rise, people will search more and more for answers on Google. However, Google itself only offers the tool. Who gives the answers, in fact, are the people who produce content on the internet, just like this article you are reading right now?

Based on this logic, it is worth understanding that the sooner we start investing in content marketing, the more relevant our brand will be in the medium and long term: for people and for Google.

After all, the algorithm takes a while to understand the type of content that a particular company is producing. However, when he understands, everything starts to become more simplified.

And if in two, three, or four years your content gets a good ranking on Google, you don’t want it to be out of date, do you?

In this case, evergreen content is critical. And it brings with it some great benefits, such as:

  • High ability to generate authority for your real estate – Always in evidence;
  • Search engine positioning is greatly enhanced with the evergreen content;
  • Your content will become a reference for other people and potential customers;

We will cover each of these topics from now on, in a little more depth. Thus, you will also be able to deepen your study of the subject and, who knows, start your production of evergreen content today.

Come on?

High capacity to generate authority for your real estate – Always in evidence

The first great benefit that evergreen real estate content types offer us is the high capacity to generate authority. In other words, your real estate agent will have much more relevance to people over time, while more and more of the content you produce is consumed.

Even if unconsciously, people start to consider your brand an authority on a certain subject. And this is fantastic so that marketing strategies can then deliver the results we are looking for.

Surely you’ve heard that phrase: “who is not seen, is not remembered”, right? This phrase is a marketing and advertising cliché. And as simple as it is, there is great intrinsic value built into this statement.

Note that this phrase is very old and we could already hear it for many years, without even counting on the exponential growth of the internet. However, she has never been so current. We can even say that it is an evergreen phrase: it has no expiration date.

With the constant growth of the internet, more and more brands will be positioned on the internet. Soon, competition to compete for Google’s top positions will also increase.

Therefore, building content that has no expiration date, that is complete, didactic and with a good SEO, is certainly one of the most promising ways to build credibility and authority for your real estate over the years.

You will have the power to generate a legion of followers and fans who will give your content such importance and relevance that organic growth will follow.

Positioning in search engines is greatly enhanced with evergreen content

The evergreen content for real estate is one of the main factors for Google to understand that a certain subject can be interesting for a person and, consequently, rank your company.

Of course, this is not an SEO rule that does or does not rank content. However, we must remember that a ranking factor is not just a great optimized structure.

It’s also about producing great content that delivers everything that people are looking for. When Google understands this, the “magic” just happens.

The relevance that the search engine gives to evergreen content is very high. After all, imagine you publish content today. Now, imagine that five years from now a person finds this content and it is useful to them.

What does Google think about this? Basically, he will think: “the content is old, but it delivers what people are looking for, so I’ll keep it well-positioned”.

Google wants to deliver the best possible user experience. And for this to happen, it relies (a lot) on good content.

The best content will always be in a better position on the platform. That’s why thinking about content with no expiration date is so important: you’ll never know when content will or won’t rank more efficiently.

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Your content will become a reference for other people and potential customers

This is perhaps one of the best benefits that unexpired content can give us: it makes our references! To be a reference in a subject, the process is long.

In other words, it takes time for people to assimilate that a given company is the best to deal with a given subject. Therefore, having permanent content on the internet is a very important path for your marketing and positioning strategy.

When a user finds content that helps him in some way, he will become “grateful” for that help. Even if unconsciously.

And this will make him consider your real estate brand in all other purchase decision processes in the future. He will even become a prospect with high potential to close a deal.

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What happens to non-evergreen content? Should you avoid them?

So far, we understand the importance of producing content that is perennial. That is, no expiration date. But what happens to those contents that are not permanent and have an expiration date? Is this type of content bad for your real estate agency?

The truth is, no. Just because one is good doesn’t mean the other is bad. And we’ll understand more about this from now on. Check it out.

Content that is not permanent, that is, that has an expiration date, is content that must be consumed within the next few hours or, at most, days. An example of this is the news. A piece of news in two, three or four days, no longer has the same relevance as it would have the day it came out.

Non-permanent content attracts an audience that is looking for a topic right now.

And you can definitely consider this type of content in your digital real estate marketing strategy. If you have a news portal on your real estate website, this will be a great opportunity to take advantage of non-perennial content.

The chances of you ranking with hot and high content are relatively high. Especially if you already have some kind of relevance in your field and authority in your real estate domain.

How to produce real estate content without an expiration date (articles, videos and social networks)

Let’s go to practice? So far, we understand how important it is to keep good content without expiration dates on your real estate blog, YouTube channel and social media.

But, and how can you produce content in this format? First of all, it’s important to understand that there is no recipe or magic formula. What exists is a method.

This method can be based on different types of content that help to solve a user’s problem (prospectus).

So, choose content that helps people to solve a specific issue, a step by step, guide, a tutorial, etc.

Remember the example of “how to comb your hair without tying it”? Well, this is exactly the type of content you should build around your real estate brand. Obviously within your niche.

Here are some examples of what to consider to produce good perennial content:

  • Teach something that people use or will need to use in their daily lives;
  • Instigate people’s curiosity with creative headlines and the use of mental triggers;
  • Never fail to update the content – ​​This brings even more authority to your brand;
  • Demonstrate how to use real estate-specific software;
  • Talk about financial matters and planning for property acquisition;
  • Build a glossary with terms related to the real estate market to clarify general doubts about a prospectus;

These are just a few examples of how you should go about building evergreen content for real estate agencies.

The most important thing is to be didactic and solve the specific problem you set out to solve at the beginning of the content. Deepening can happen, but this needs to be made clear in some way at the beginning of the material.

Enjoy all the ability to generate sales with this type of content and good deals!