The real estate market is one of the sectors that is always undergoing changes. Technological advances, for example, have given rise to a new customer profile: the 3.0 consumer. This new profile is formed by a demanding and extremely well-informed public.

Therefore, it is necessary to be very attentive to get the property right, to carefully communicate, get around the objections and finally make the sale. In this post, we will help you better understand what the demands of this new audience are and prepare to solve them. Check out!

How is the consumer 3.0?

The new Brazilian consumer is someone who is very attuned to new technologies, who is aware of everything that happens in the world and has the cell phone screen at his fingertips to keep himself well informed. When it comes to the real estate market, the consumer 3.0 never lets himself be fooled by the broker, even because he already knows in advance various information about the business.

The situation of the real estate market, the potential for property appreciation and delivery time are examples of aspects that the buyer will be aware of when negotiating. All of this without the broker even having to open his mouth. So, every care is little to not get in the way of communication and end up giving some report that is not consistent with what the buyer has already researched.

What differentiates the 3.0 consumer from the traditional consumer?

The great differential of consumer 3.0 for the traditional one is the technological support. A few years ago, the realtor was the one who knew all about the buying and selling processes. Nowadays, with a simple search on the cell phone, the customer arrives at the real estate agency knowing very well how the market is doing and what their rights are in the purchase.

There is also a difference in profile between 3.0 consumers with regard to men and women. Usually, the male audience values ​​the practical aspects of the purchase, acting in a more rational way. The size of the rooms and the size of the garage are differentiating factors for him.

The female audience, on the other hand, tends to be guided more by the affective potential of the property and everything it can provide to the family in terms of comfort and well-being. The aesthetic and finishing aspects are usually the strengths for women, who are not usually interested in a poorly finished property or who are in urgent need of a good renovation.

How to understand the consumer 3.0 of the real estate market?

It is not difficult to understand what the demands of this type of audience are in the current scenario. It is up to the broker to put himself in the customer’s shoes and analyze what the business’s strengths would be for him. Thus, it is possible to work on the presentation of the property in order to revert all possible objections that the buyer will point out.

Another golden tip is to be transparent. Transparency in the transfer of information is related to the trust and credibility of the clientele before the broker. As 3.0 consumers are already in the market and have a research apparatus at their fingertips, it is essential that brokers are truthful and transparent about the product they are offering.

In this sense, it is very important to let the buyer speak at will and capture as much as possible in his speeches what are the wishes and interests of the purchase. Thus, when offering options, it will be easier to present properties compatible with his expectations and with what he expects from the region.

Paying attention to this scenario is the first step for brokers and real estate agents to learn to deal with new clients. From there, the path consists of devising sales strategies that speak directly to the consumer 3.0, presenting the best solutions to solve the desires and close the sale with credibility!

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