Each new contact is a new business opportunity that you have at hand. The big challenge, however, is to convert that contact into a new customer. At this point, knowing how to generate qualified leads for the real estate market will help you to shorten your purchase decision path.

In the real estate sector, lead generation has a direct influence on the sales projection of the developer and, as simple as it may seem to attract a new contact and take him from the top of the funnel to the sale, there are challenges halfway.

Check out our tips for generating qualified leads for the real estate market and don’t go without selling:

Know your customer

Knowing who your audience is well is important in any type of business, and within the real estate market, this would be no different.

You need to understand in-depth the profile of people interested in your properties – that is, what your dreams are, your needs and why they are interested in that specific unit or area.

If you know who to communicate with, who is the type of customer who has a real interest in buying, it becomes easier to direct your efforts to those who really want to close a sale.

Narrow the relationship

Even if you have the best property and the best payment terms, remember that this alone does not guarantee excellent results. Although the offer is very important, your greatest efforts must be directed to your customer.

In the case of the real estate market, this is even stronger, as the purchase journey is longer. That’s why you and your sales team need to be prepared and have a long-term plan for this relationship.

Listen to what your customer has to say, know your particulars and don’t let this lead “cool down”: just because he didn’t close the purchase now, it doesn’t mean he isn’t interested.

Leverage lead capture

You and your company have more assets for this than you realize: have you thought about attracting new business opportunities through online channels?

Your client is also looking for information and properties on the internet, and quality content, which helps them make the right decision, is an excellent way to generate qualified leads on a much larger scale.

It is not enough to have a website with a registration form, you must take advantage of all the opportunities you have to convert these visitors into leads.

Here are some tips on what you can do.


This is a strategy that works very well, as it can offer rich, free content that generates a lot of value for the customer.

The advantage is that you can explore more deeply a subject of interest to your audience in a way that would not be done on your blog, at your sales stand or even on a visit.


Recording video content can be even more persuasive than writing long texts. Teach in a didactic way, give practical tips, try to be dynamic and offer updated content frequently.


In addition to being a great way to offer highly valuable content, the webinar feels more personal, which helps you get closer to your customer.

The advantage of this format is that it does not demand high costs (just having a computer with a camera and microphone) and generates a great commitment from the customer to attend your lecture on the scheduled day and time.

Then, you can still make the recording available and continue generating leads over time.

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