Salespeople know how important the organization is. As good as the salesperson is, you cannot rely on improvisation when talking to the customer. Therefore, creating a good sales script can be decisive.

However, this process requires self-observation on the part of the real estate agent, as he needs to be realistic when evaluating the communication needs that need to be improved.

Thinking about it, this article will help in this task bringing some tips for you to create an efficient sales script. Come on?

A good sales script requires information

Buying a house or apartment is a big financial investment. For this reason, it is natural for the buyer to be insecure, distrusting everything. In some cases, it is common for him to see the realtor just as a professional willing to sell you anything.

To avoid this mistaken impression, it is necessary for the broker to study in detail each aspect of the property that will be visited. If the buyer has his questions answered clearly and satisfactorily at the time of the visit, he will trust the broker – and the chances of sales will go up considerably.

A good sales script understands the customer

When the realtor analyzes the common characteristics of his clients, he makes the approach more assertive. For example a broker realizes that newlyweds are financially insecure and, therefore, do not buy houses.

When identifying this common denominator, the broker will devote more energy to clarify his clients’ financial doubts and will talk less about other characteristics. After all, there is no point in emphasizing the beauty of a property when the client does not take the financing out of his head.

So, when creating your sales script, pay a visit to your memories and see what your customers had in common.

A good sales script respects the purchase journey

Those who work in sales know that from the moment a person decides to buy a property until when he signs the contract there is a long journey. Understanding this concept is very important.

A very incisive approach at the beginning of this process, when the customer still has a lot of doubts, can frighten him. Therefore, for each phase of the buying journey, the broker must have a stance because, in this way, he will create a relationship of trust with the customer that will be essential for him to close the deal.

A good sales script plans arguments

The client will ask a lot of questions and, in some cases, will have objections based on past experiences or facts they have known. These arguments are not always valid, but it is up to the broker to listen to them and patiently refute them.

This ranges from a person who questions the quality of the location of the property to someone who found the architecture of the place to be poorly functional. Remember that the customer is insecure, and insecurity is fought with information.

A good sales script goes from “hello!” until after-sales

We are talking about a script and, just like in a play, it describes all the scenes. This goes from the way the broker answers the phone, always identifying himself in a professional manner, until the moment when he checks that everything is fine with the customer after the purchase.

Nothing can go unnoticed in this script. Remember a movie: there is no point in the ending being good if all the scenes that preceded it were bad. The sales script must excel in the quality of the entire process. This care with details is what will reduce the incidence of errors and improve sales.

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