Knowing the different generations helps to understand the profile of each type of consumer and outline the best strategies to win them over. Generation Y, for example, brings together younger people with characteristic lifestyles. The bet on the quality of life is a great mark of this generation.

In this sense, it is up to the broker to adapt his argument to “speak the same language” of the possible buyers, approaching them and showing that he can offer exactly what they are looking for. In this post, we explain everything to you. Follow the reading and boost your sales!

Meet Generation Y

Generation Y is made up of individuals who were born between the 1980s and the 2000s. Therefore, it contemplates those in the age group between 20 and 40 years old. This profile of young buyers values ​​economic prosperity and professional growth. That is, these people do not invest money in anything.

Very attuned to technological advances, they require a more direct communication that really convinces them about the advantages of a particular property. They are not so concerned with price, however, the cost-benefit ratio is paramount. They prioritize first-rate finishes, excellent location and the potential for property valuation.

Tips on how to sell real estate to Generation Y

Property types

First of all, Generation Y is concerned with the quality of life. Therefore, it is essential that the properties offered are well located and offer a wide range of services in the region. Thus, they can do everything they need without wasting hours in traffic while going or going back to work, for example.

Smaller apartments, like lofts or with two rooms, are the most sought after by this type of public. Formed basically by singles or young couples without children, the group prefers small properties because they focus their lives on career and professional training. Therefore, the idea is that the house meets current needs, not future ones.

Proper communication

This profile of buyers is very much in tune with technological advances, especially in relation to the internet and smartphones. Nowadays, with a search tool at their fingertips, customers are already reaching the corridor with the main information about the real estate market. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in the argument to convince them and not contradict what they have already researched on the internet.

Disclosure of properties

The disclosure of properties also has to do with cutting-edge technology. After all, there are currently a number of tools for the broker to publicize his catalog in a complete and attractive way. Social networks, such as Instagram, are examples of channels that allow you to advertise the best properties in a practical, fast and efficient way.

Knowledge of processes

Generation Y knows very well that the transaction of buying and selling real estate is bureaucratic. Likewise, they are aware of the current situation in the real estate market and the ease of purchase through institutions that offer real estate financing. In this scenario, the broker must be attentive to indicate the best offers and business conditions according to the demands of the public.

Quick answer

In a first contact, all that the buyer wants is to clear the doubts about a certain property. Properties advertised on websites and social networks, for example, allow the possibility of contact in real-time. So, if the customer likes the property, he can immediately talk to the broker without leaving the house, solving any doubts to make sure it is worth the visit.

With these tips, it will not be difficult to work with sales strategies according to the profile of Generation Y. Of course, the purchase process depends a lot on individual characteristics. However, it is very important to consider the general desires of this group and prepare to serve them with mastery!

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