What makes a person buy a product? Answering this question is the goal of many scholars in the field of Marketing. Immediately, we can list some reasons such as price, need, convenience, etc. However, there is a very important factor, not always evaluated by the seller: the mental triggers.

Behavioral studies have revealed, in recent decades, how consumer emotions influence their purchasing decisions, requiring an efficient strategy on the part of salespeople.

If you still have questions about this topic, don’t worry. Just read this article to the end! Come on?

What are mental triggers?

Most of the decisions we make daily are made automatically. A person is not analyzing whether or not to brush their teeth, for example. She simply brushes and, when she realizes, she has already completed several tasks necessary to advance her routine.

These automated decisions – which become habits – are greatly influenced by our emotions. Therefore, depending on how we feel emotionally, we may or may not do something. This applies to shopping.

The sales team’s job, in this case, is to overcome the customer’s emotional barriers, through mental triggers, so that he perceives the purchase of a certain product or service as a safe task. Let’s go to some examples of mental triggers?

Security trigger

Buying something like park view villas means investing money in the acquisition of a property, especially when it comes to real estate. For that reason, many customers feel insecure. One way to overcome this barrier is to remind the individual of the security of the business, for example: inform about the expectations of the property’s appreciation, praise the architecture, the quality of the materials used, etc.

Social proof trigger

Would you go to a Bermuda and T-shirt social event? The answer was probably no, but why? Because that would not be well evaluated by other people. The human being is a social animal, we care about what others think and the same goes for what we buy.

To make use of this trigger, the seller can say that many people buy and approve the properties sold in that region, or that it is an increasingly valued neighborhood.

Authority Trigger

Did you know that nine out of ten dentists recommend “X” brand toothpaste? You can already understand, right? The customer does not always feel secure about his knowledge about the product, in this case, it is important to clarify that the purchase is recommended by someone who understands the subject.

Trigger of scarcity

When using this trigger, the seller must remind the customer that that purchase will not be available forever. Therefore, he must decide quickly, because it is a scarce commodity. For example: if a person is in doubt whether to rent a particular property, remind them that there are other interested parties or that it is one of the last places available in that neighborhood.

As we saw in this article, selling is much more than explaining a product or service. Selling is overcoming the customer’s emotional barriers. This is why it is so important to understand how mental triggers work.

Knowing selling tactics is important to help a broker achieve success, but there are other tips. Want to find out what they are? Check out this link!

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