Is using Telegram for real estate a good idea? Or rather, is it worth investing time and money to produce content in this tool, which is now on the rise?

We know you would like to hear yes (or no) in a simple and straightforward way. Therefore, answering these questions can be frustrating at first. After all, it depends!

It depends on a series of situations so that we can evaluate and understand whether Telegram is or is not a good strategy to implement in your digital real estate marketing.

But do not worry. Today we are going to understand absolutely everything you need to consider to make Telegram work for your real estate agency. Thus, you have the chance to have a more personalized answer for your business like Lahore Smart City.

So, get a pencil and paper and let’s start our study. Follow up!

Telegram for real estate agencies – Is it worth investing in this communication tool? See some benefits

Telegram for real estate is one of the most amazing communication tools the digital market has ever experienced. It is, of course, nothing new in the sense of easy and direct communication.

After all, we already know WhatsApp or even Messenger from Facebook. Both tools are excellent and have a lot of potential in any strategy.

However, the Telegram is different. He’s a little less bureaucratic and a little more direct on a lot of issues. To help you understand all this better, we’ve separated some topics that are relevant to your study. See below:

  • Telegram for real estate is great for keeping a closer and more humanized contact;
  • Telegram’s delivery rate is (still) higher than the delivery rate of conventional social networks (Facebook or Instagram);
  • Telegram is a kind of WhatsApp for companies, but with more performance;
  • The real estate lead can receive notifications of the content you publish on Telegram – And this generates more engagement;

Of course, the true benefits of Telegram are also associated with a marketing need. That is, using Telegram at random may not be positive for a number of different situations.

However, when used with purpose and direction, then yes it can be awesome. Below we will explain in more detail each of the previous topics. Come on?

The Telegram for real estate agents is great for keeping in closer and more humanized contact

First, we need to understand that a good digital marketing strategy is one that can humanize and bring the lead closer to the company from a human point of view.

And for that, tools that allow this type of contact are a huge differential for things to work out.

And Telegram for real estate, of course, enters this list of excellent tools to explore in your strategies. In Telegram, you can send messages in a very direct and simple way to many people at the same time.

In other words, you will be able to assemble a personalized group of leads, so that you can interact with this group through relevant and valuable content.

Telegram for real estate is a kind of email marketing, but faster and more instantaneous. You can produce content and send it to a specific group of people. And, thus, your real estate agent will be much closer to these people.

Telegram’s delivery rate is (still) higher than the delivery rate of conventional social networks (Facebook or Instagram)

From a more technical point of view of a marketing strategy, we need to talk about the reach of campaigns. That is, how many people a given message can finally reach.

In digital, there are a series of tools and possibilities to reach the right people, at the right time. As is the case with Google Ads or even Facebook Ads. And of course, let’s not forget about real estate SEO, a crucial strategy for the long term and for branding in a more lasting and efficient way.

And Telegram for real estate, then, cannot be left out of our technical list of tools that have a great delivery. After all, you can assemble a group of ten, twenty, thirty, or a hundred thousand people, and Telegram will deliver your message to all of them.

Of course, this could change at any time. After all, we have the experience of Facebook and Instagram which, before, delivered much more organic content to people. Today, they deliver much less.

Telegram is a kind of WhatsApp for companies, but with more performance

This is a benefit closely related to the previous topic. After all, message delivery performance is really very important to measure and get the results of a campaign.

The more performance a tool has, the more profitable it can be to fit into your marketing.

Compared to WhatsApp, Telegram is much more comprehensive and flexible. After all, you have a few more features, like the ability to create relatively large groups.

If you need volume, Telegram can be an excellent alternative to expand the “voice” of your real estate agency.

The real estate lead can receive notifications of the content you publish on Telegram – And this generates more engagement

Generating engagement with an online campaign is what can make it gain more reach and more financial profitability at the end of the process.

Chasing engagement is the number one challenge for anyone looking to truly connect with a list of leads. Whether on social networks or through content on blogs or YouTube channels.

And because of that, an excellent benefit of Telegram for real estate agents is the engagement factor. When you create a group with hundreds and even thousands of people who have some interest in your content or what you have to say, the engagement can be truly great for one simple reason: people get notifications of messages!

This, of course, is the ideal world for those who care to appear to people who are interested in the content itself. And on Telegram, at least for now, you still have these great features at your disposal for your campaign.

What is the main difference between Telegram and WhatsApp to use as a real estate marketing tool?

Many people wonder what the real difference is between Telegram and WhatsApp. The truth is that in the end, the tools play pretty much the same role: delivering direct messages on your cell phone (or computer, if that’s the case).

In a world where digital marketing is increasingly penetrated into society, competing for spaces and creating relevant audiences is essential. So, the more you can talk “directly” to someone, the better.

Telegram is much more versatile than WhatsApp in this regard, as you can create a very large group and send messages so that everyone receives them. While on WhatsApp, you can only send messages to a limited group of people – which are the broadcast lists.

Using Telegram in the right way can attract many positive results in the medium and long term of your real estate since you have the chance to talk “up close” with people.

After all, you’re practically sending inbox messages. Which makes everything more confidential and unique, generating a lot of engagement.

But which is better than WhatsApp or Telegram? The truth is, both tools are great as long as you use them correctly.

WhatsApp will serve much more for you to meet and talk to leads individually. It’s a tool over the middle and funnel bottom. While Telegram can be a great tool for the top of the funnel, where you want to talk to a lot of people at the same time – and have a great deal of engagement with that.

How to use Telegram for real estate in a sensible and strategic way

So far, we understand how Telegram can be useful for real estate companies and what are the main benefits of Telegram in a digital marketing campaign.

And now, it’s time to get down to business. Let’s understand how to use the tool in a more effective way that can bring more results to your campaigns and building authority.

Of course, the possibility of talking to many people at the same time is “awesome”. However, you need to be very careful with this.

This excellent benefit can quickly turn into harm if you don’t know how to use it right. Sinning for lack of excess will be the number of error that we must avoid.

Here are some tips on how to use Telegram the right way:

  • Under no circumstances send too many messages or spam to your lead list;
  • Create an identity in your communication and make people want to read the messages;
  • Don’t be afraid to use CTAs when necessary – but do this in a thoughtful, not over-the-top way;
  • Deliver valuable content so leads have a reason to stay on your Telegram list (not your competition list);

We will explain each of the following options in more detail. Follow up.

Under no circumstances send too many messages or spam to your leads list

Spamming is one of the main (and deadliest) mistakes you can make in a marketing campaign. So, never send things that people don’t want to receive.

Basically, junk mail (spam) is anything your list doesn’t want or ask to see or receive.

That’s why it’s critical to have a targeted list of people who have a real interest in your content. Simply focusing on the number of people (and not on the quality) can be a very serious mistake in the medium and long term.

After all, your messages are being sent, hit the wall, and come back. This means that you won’t be talking to anyone – even though your list is long.

Send what people are interested in and want to receive. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Send productive, quality content, every time.

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Create an identity in your communication and make people want to read the messages

Identity is what will make you different from others. From a business perspective, the same concept is valid. Your identity is what will make people want to be (or not) in your Telegram group. So, create a way to communicate that is simple, easy, direct, and that speaks to the persona effectively.

This is an educational process, where you will make, people get used to the way your real estate communicates. And to keep changing this recurrently is an error, as it will generate disconnection. Which is very bad for the quality of any audience, in any digital tool or strategy.

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Don’t be afraid to use CTAs when necessary – But do it in a thoughtful, not over-the-top way.

Using CTAs – Call to Actions – the famous calls to action is not a mistake. On the contrary: it’s a big hit. However, these calls to action need to come at the right time. Otherwise, your Telegram group will be polluted with a bunch of requests for an audience that won’t be very polite as it’s at the top of the funnel.

So, use it. But use it sparingly. Before asking someone for something, do something upfront. This is a pillar of digital marketing. That is, you will always be offering valuable content to someone for free, and then ask for something in return in the form of a CTA.

Deliver valuable content so leads have a reason to be on your Telegram list (not your competition list)

Finally, don’t forget the main thing: valued content. No real estate Telegram group will survive if there isn’t a very good reason why the lead wants to stay in the group.

This reason, of course, needs to be valuable content. Do your best and put a lot of energy into producing humanized and amazing content to use on Telegram. That way you will be treating your audience very well. With this, the conversions will certainly occur in the medium and long term.