Once, Clarice Lispector said: “those who walk alone may even arrive faster, but those who are accompanied, certainly, go further “. And she couldn’t be more sure, because, although it is easier to work alone, having the collaboration of a partner broker allows you new opportunities and greater gains.

Although there are many professionals who are still afraid to form a partnership, a partnership provides numerous advantages that will allow you to more easily achieve success in the real estate market.

Continue reading this article and find out why it is worthwhile to join another broker!


Increase in the real estate portfolio

The increase in your real estate portfolio is, without a doubt, one of the main advantages of having a partner broker. Having a larger and more varied portfolio allows you to increase your competitiveness and your area of ​​expertise.

By having more properties, you will probably be able to more easily meet the needs of a customer, so the chances of loyalty will be greater.

Marketing optimization

Everyone knows that in order to be successful in any market, it is essential that your product appears. However, due to a large number of competitors, it is not cheap to advertise your properties in newspapers and specialized websites.

By being part of a society, it is possible to divide investments in marketing, in addition to allowing a greater reach of their offers, due to the fact that they are part of an internal communication network, to which several brokers have access.

More sales

Another great advantage of having an associate is the possibility of generating more sales. It is assumed that you have a customer who wants a particular type of property that is not in your portfolio, instead of losing the sale, you contact your partners to find out if anyone has one.

Likewise, a partner may need a property that is in your portfolio. In both cases, you will profit from a sale that would probably not have occurred otherwise.

Exchange of experiences

In addition to improving the commercial part of your business, having a partner broker, whom you trust, provides an intense exchange of experiences. This is highly beneficial as if he is more experienced than you, there are high chances that he has already experienced some of your difficulties.


One of the major disadvantages is the difficulty of finding a good partner, who can create a relationship of trust and who is highly compatible with his professional performance.

Another disadvantage is the division that you will have to make in the commission obtained by selling together. However, by increasing the volume of closed trades and, consequently, the increase in its revenue, this fact becomes irrelevant.

Commissions sharing

Undoubtedly, one of the main points in any society is the sharing of commissions generated by joint sales. Thus, in order to achieve greater security, it is essential that you leave the rules registered in the contract.

One of the most used ways to carry out this division is the 50–50, in which the two parties – who owns the customer and who owns the property – receive equal commissioning.

If there is more than one partner involved, the share could be 40–40–20 – in that case, the person responsible for intermediating the negotiation gets the smallest share.

As you can see, having a partner broker can be extremely beneficial for your career, because, although you receive a smaller portion of the commission, the partnership provides a higher volume of sales that result in increased sales.

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